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Actually, I’m, -personally-, not really sure how to write about this topic. Maybe I’ll start from the definitions of the word itself that I took from Concise Oxford Dictionary,

ยท n. (pl. infidelities)
1 the action or state of being sexually unfaithful.
2 lack of religious faith.

Hmm, sexually unfaithful? What does sexually here means? Ah, okay, let’s not think about it too hard because what I emphasize here is the word unfaithful.

Hhh.. I hate it. I dislike it very much. Not just the act of being unfaithful to your partner, but how it connects very closely with a thing called long-distance relationship. I’ve seen three couples, six people, had a long-distance relationship, got into this unfaithful problem which includes a third person, and they couldn’t deal with it. Let alone about the deal thing, how about prevent themselves, –ourselves-, from doing so? How about trying to stay faithful at the first place?

Sorry.. I don’t mean to judge anyone, no. Here, writing these things, I plainly feel worry. I know, I knooow that among those six, unfaithful was not just the issue. I know having an LDR is not that easy. I know they’ve tried to make it worked. I know having someone here feels better than having someone there. I know, I know. Hhh, but still.. people and their tendency to be unfaithful, they worry me. Because it all goes back to the thought of me and him. Long-distance relationship, the recent issue of infidelity inside our circle, these things..

Communication is the key, people said. But what if one of them were somewhere out there with no connection to cellphone, internet, whatsoever? I know I’ve only been in this LDR thingy for around three months. But then, I’ve learned much. I’ve learned that there’s one thing besides communication that’s really important. For me, understanding is the key. It is the very key. Me and him, we’re doing it, and we’re trying to keep doing it, and (I hope) everything will stay alright just like it is now.

So, for those out there who are experiencing this thing, just try to understand each other. The distance, the difference. Try to understand.

You’ll see : )



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